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Welcome to The Gansevoort House

Since 1993, Linda and Oscar Stivala have combined inn-keeping, Oscar's art gallery, and Linda's piano studio and book business. Linda and Oscar warmly welcome visitors to the area to stay in their lovely bed and breakfast, where they welcome guests, prepare and serve breakfast and discuss the history of the house as well as of the region. Additionally, they help guests plan the places to visit, shops and activities to enhance their experience.

The Gansevoort House is an 18 room wood-frame house built in 1889 by the owners of the Gilbert Knitting Mill and the Snyder Bicycle Factory during the hey-day of the Little Falls Mercantile Era. It has 3 living salons with Dorian columns, high ceilings, fireplace, a formal dining room, solarium, and modern kitchen.

The house is furnished with antiques and art. Linda and Oscar are both artists and musicians. Many of the paintings throughout the property are by them. They enjoy playing music if requested! Their galleries of art and books are located in historic Canal Place which is a short walk from the house. All of these features serve to make the Gansevoort house one of the important homes of the region.

Linda and Oscar also manage an on-premise art gallery, featuring Oscar's regionally-renowned paintings and art, as well as a book shop specializing in local history.

Business: The Gansevoort House
Owner(s): Linda and Oscar Stivala
Address: 42 West Gansevoort Street
Hours: N/A
Phone: (315) 823-3969
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