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One of the oldest businesses serving Little Falls is Little Falls Hardware, founded in the 1950s by Edwin and Amelia Mettot. Originally the shop was located on Second Street, and then moved to Main Street; because of Urban Renewal the business moved briefly to Jacksonburg, but soon returned to Little Falls for the convenience of their customers. For 20 years afterward, Edwin's sons, Samuel and James Metott, operated the hardware store at 542 East Main Street. Sam retired in 1999, and changes on Main Street led Jim to move the business to its current location at 528 East Main Street, across from the M&T Bank.

Little Falls Hardware carries an excellent line of hardware in the store, for the convenience of our local customers; recently we purchased the entire stock of Werthman's Hardware. We also install and service Heil Furnaces, Weil McCain, Utica Boiler, and Dunkirk boilers. They also install Gould pumps and water softeners. Little Falls hardware repairs and installs new plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms, and they can clean sewers with electrical equipment. We also sell and install Gould water pumps, shallow and deep well and submerged pumps.

Business: Little Falls Hardware
Owner(s): James Metott
Address: 528 East Main Streey
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm. Always on call for emergency service
Phone: (315) 823-0720 (days) and (518) 568-7939 (evenings and weekends)

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