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RD's Mountain View Trucking offers a full-line of trucking contractor services, including the sale and delivery of sand, gravel, crushed stone and garbage collecting. Dumpster service is also available.

RD's Gorge View Lanes is a full-service twelve lane bowling center with an on-premise bar, restaurant, video games and pro shop. The restaurant offers a full bar menu and pizza. Little Falls Central School's boys and girls bowling teams practice and compete at Gorge View Lanes. For the past ten years, Randy's sons Ryan and Devon have anchored the local high school boys bowling teams. There are adult bowling leagues seven nights a week from September through March. There is also open bowling every night. During the winter months, Gorge View Lanes offers its Rock-n-Bowl combined music and bowling events for area youth every other Saturday.

RD's Redemption Center and RD's Drop-n-Shop Groceries accepts bottles and cans and offers customers beer and limited grocery items.

All four of Randy's businesses are independently owned and operated. He is honest and friendly by nature and his customers know that they will be treated the same way. Randy realizes that we live in a challenging economic environment and his goal is to keep his prices at a level that people can afford. Randy's four businesses employs 16 people. Randy has three children, a daughter Venessa who teaches school in Pennsylvania, a son Ryan who works with his father and Devon who is a high school sophomore. Randy and his girlfriend Mary take great pride in the children. They are all outdoors persons who enjoy outdoor activities year-round, including horseback riding and snowmobiling. Randy and Mary also own an antique one-horse sleigh that they enjoy when snow conditions are right.

The History of Our Busineses

In the early 1990's Randy Dawley went to work for Cy Young who had bought out John Gillen's trucking business when John retired. John had started his business back in the late-1940's when he was often hired to haul coal-burning ashes out of people's cellars. Through the years John had slowly expanded his business into many different trucking-related operations, including cellar clean-outs, hauling sand and gravel, delivering firewood and helping individuals and families move to different housing. Cy Young operated the same business until 1993 when he retired and sold the business to Randy. Randy has operated his RD's Mountain View Trucking business for the past twenty years.

2000 was a big year for Randy Dawley as he expanded his business operations significantly. At the time, he had a number of garbage collection and trash-hauling contracts and he needed a place to base operations from and, in his words, "I needed a place to park my garbage trucks, so I bought a parking lot and a bowling alley came with it." Even though he had never bowled in his life, Randy had become the proprietor of a twelve-lane bowling center, complete with restaurant, bar and snack bar. He has operated the bowling center since 2000.

In 2000 Randy also opened his RD's Redemption Center and his Drop-n-Shop Groceries, both located on Route 5S just outside Little Falls. Combined, these two businesses allow people the convenience of dropping off bottles and cans and purchasing beer and basic grocery items in one stop.

Business: RD's Mountain View Trucking
Address: 1600 State Route 5S
Phone: (315) 823-4265
Business: RD's Gorge View Lanes
Address: 240 Burwell Street
Phone: (315) 823-3630
Business: RD's Redemption Center and RD's Drop-n-Shop Groceries
Address: 1600 State Route 5S
Phone: (315) 823-4265
Owner: Randy Dawley

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