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Welcome to The Inn at Stone Mill

Stone Mill of Little Falls, LLC, was formed in 2005 with the intent to restore this 1839 waterfront textile mill to function in today's business environment. Upon opening the first floor as an antique center in July of 2005 and replacement of the elevator, the whole building has developed to what it is today: an award winning boutique inn and entertainment facility that has visitors from all over the world. We serve local and international corporate business people, as well as small wedding parties. We also host a variety of shows in our own Black Box Theatre.

The Inn at Stone Mill opened its doors in the fall of 2009 on the third level, and has since grown to become a destination for many tourists coming to the area, bicyclists, boaters, and offering business travellers a quiet and secure environment.

We provide upscale lodging for visitors and business travellers with all the amenities. The inn is very unique in that it only occupies the third floor of Stone Mill and offers a quiet and secure environment for its guests to relax and enjoy. The majority of the rooms overlook the Mohawk River and are requested by the majority of the guests. Simply, as some guests say, we are a "guest house with the hotel feel."

The inn strictly enforces a no pets, no smoking, and over 21 policy, which has won the hearts of many guests who enjoy a quiet atmosphere. We strive to offer 5-star service for our guests, and maintain the strictest standards for cleanliness. First impressions win over a guest, and that is what the hospitality industry is about.

A facilities at The Inn at Stone Mill include the Black Box Theatre, which strives to provide an outlet for community entertainment throughout its season from year to year. The theatre has expanded its performance space, and now we are adding "special function space" on the second floor, bringing banquet type facilities to the building for small weddings, larger meetings, and this space will also offer a catering kitchen for local restaurants to provide their services for special functions.

Our vision has taken many forms over the years to what it is today. We strive to provide the best in service to our regular clients and traveling guests to the area, while promoting a positive business image to all in our area. Our mission is to provide a focal point and also act as a business incubator within the community. Many businesses have started here, grown, and even moved on to occupy bigger spaces within the community. We strive to be diverse in this constantly changing world, and are very open with whom and what we are. Our slogan "we have no tolerance for intolerance" will always be number one with us.

Business: The Inn at Stone Mill
Owner(s): David A. Taylor, Richard L. Vogt
Address: 410 Canal Place
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, Noon to 4pm
Phone: (315) 823-0808
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