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Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC, is a comprehensive financial services firm located in Little Falls, New York. We have the training, the experience and the resources to help you and your family enjoy the most prosperous, worry-free financial journey through life possible! We stand beside you at every step of the way: to guide you in prudently saving and investing for the future while you are working, to help you plan to live comfortably on your savings and investments when you retire, and finally to help identify strategies to pass on your wealth to your loved ones without unduly enriching the government.

So how do we help you improve your long-term financial success? It begins, of course, with our customized programs designed to help you better plan for your financial future and manage your wealth. Let us show you how to diversify your assets, and find the right investments that allow you to focus on your long-term goals and still sleep well at night!

But just as important as our investment programs, we offer a top-notch level of personalized, ethical service. Christine and David Van Meter bring a wealth of practical experience and valuable education into their advisory relationship with you. We understand that every client is a unique individual, and that each case is different. Your dreams, worries and needs matter. Thus, we not only offer the highest levels of professional expertise that you need, but also the careful attention and empathy that you deserve!

You see, every financial decision is both an analytical decision and an emotional decision, and all too often the most rational financial plan may sit unused on the shelf gathering dust, perhaps because of an unstated emotional objection to one aspect, or an unrealistic goal based more on hope than sound math. For this reason, we bring a team approach to our work as financial advisors: Dave employs his research and analytical skills and training while Christine uses her interpersonal and decision-making skills and training to help you address your financial decisions in a well-rounded, interdisciplinary manner. We truly teach you to plan your financial work, and work your financial plan!

Are you ready to begin your financial journey with a sense of purpose? Or perhaps you're ready to continue your financial journey with a fresh, more professional approach? If so, contact Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC today, and learn how we can help you see the possibilities in your future!

Business: Van Meter & Van Meter, LLC
Owner(s): Christine Van Meter and David Van Meter
Address: 536 East Main Street
Hours: Monday thru Fridayday, 9am to 5pm, and by appointment
Phone: (315) 823-9200
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