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Little Falls, New York - A Great Place to Shop!

Welcome to scenic Little Falls, New York - a great place to visit, and a GREAT place to shop!

Little Falls is a gem of a small city in Upstate New York. Our local businesses offer everything from the mundane, such as groceries and farm supplies, to the exotic, such as fine art, antiques and handcrafted jewelry! If you are visiting Little Falls for just a day or two, then this brief shopping guide will help you plan your time by showing you where to go to find the shops and deals that will delight you the most.

Do you have just a half-day to spend in Little Falls? Great! Here is a fun shopping itinerary that will let you see some of the sights and find the best shops and deals in town for a visitor!

Let's start by stopping for coffee and pastries on our traditional, small-town Main Street, which is part of the sprawling Little Falls Historic District. Main Street is all one-way traffic, so if we enter town from Route 167 or from the West on Route 5S, we will turn onto Albany Street, and then turn left onto William Street, and then turn left again on East Main Street. If we are coming from the East on Route 5S, we simply turn onto East Main Street at the light as we enter town. There is usually plenty of parking on the street, so we will try to park on the 500s block, across from the M&T Bank. Now the hard decisions begin! We have two fine bakeries literally next door to each other. The White Rose is a traditional small-town bakery serving coffee, donuts and pastries as well as a full-line of fresh breads, and Il Caffee is a more European-styled espresso bar with a limited but excellent line of upscale pastries, as well as sandwiches for lunch.

City Hall in Little Falls!

Coffee and pastries in hand, let's walk around for a few minutes and enjoy the sights of the Little Falls Historic District, which includes 347 buildings in Little Falls. The buildings date from the mid-19th to the early-20th century, with a number of Italianate-style commercial buildings and notable residences in vernacular 19th century architectural styles including Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne, and Colonial Revival. Be sure to see our City Hall and the spectacular Masonic Temple as you wander around!

Before we leave Main Street, let's do a little shopping! To be honest, most of the businesses on Main Street offer either services or durable and hardware items, but there are still a few absolute gems for visitors to discover! First, let's start by visiting Always Treasured at 14 West Main Street, a unique antique store offering an ever-changing variety of fine collectibles and furniture selected by the discerning eye of Siegfried Sprenger, or Siggy as his friends know him. As a long-time resident who has lovingly restored one of the city's historic Queen Anne homes, Siggy is a font of knowledge about local history and lore, and so is a good place to start any visit to Little Falls!

Next, let's be sure to visit the Fall Hill Bead & Gem shop, at 32 West Main Street. The proprietors, Kim Hergert and Adam Riddle, will be delighted to show you their amazing inventory of semi-precious and glass beads, as well as minerals and jewelry. If you are a discerning crafter or jewelry-maker, you will almost certainly want to visit their web-site as well, to shop online! Afterwards, as we stroll back to our car, we will want to pay a visit to Designs by Shelly, to check out some of her current and always awesome ideas on decorating and to view the luxurious items she offers for the home.

Done with Main Street, let's drive down to visit the emerging Antiques and Arts scene at Canal Place. To get there, we will drive down Main Street and turn left on 4th Street, one block past the Post Office, and then turn left on Albany Street again, followed by a very quick right turn onto Route 167. Just before the bridge crossing the Mohawk River and the Canal, we will turn left onto the ramp, which is Elizabeth Street, and then right onto Canal Place where we will park on the street or in one of the lots. Get ready for several hours of intensive shopping!

Canal Place in Little Falls

Our first visit is to the absolutely amazing Little Falls Antique Center, located downstairs in a historic stone mill building, and the Shops at 25 West upstairs in the same premises. The Antique Center houses dozens of dealers' booths, offering nearly everything collectible, from tools to furniture to furnishings to jewelry, and much, much more! Upstairs, we will find another couple of dozen dealers, with fine arts and crafts, books, and local products. And if this is not enough, there are even more fine gifts and antiques next door at the Stone Mill, and at the Raven's Watch on Canal Place!

Having shopped nearly until we dropped, let's wander over to visit the art gallery at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts at 401 Canal Place, where we can catch the current exhibit of prominent local artists, and shop at the fine gallery shop, the Selective Eye. The MVCA is an organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating all aspects of the visual and performing arts for residents of the Mohawk Valley in central New York State. In addition to exhibiting both juried and student art shows, the MVCA also offers a wide range of art workshops and classes for all ages!

By now it's time to eat! We have several great choices for dining at Canal Place. Perhaps we are in the mood for a deli-style lunch? If so, then let's wander over to Ann Street Deli, at 381 Canal Place, where Michelle and her staff will treat us right. Finally, perhaps we scored an awesome deal while shopping and want to celebrate in high style with a fine French-cuisine dinner? In that case, we will want to visit the Canal Side Inn, and enjoy some of John Luciano's inspired cooking!

Well, we hope you enjoyed your shopping trip to Little Falls! This was only the tip of the iceberg for all that our fine city has to offer. For more ideas on recreational, shopping and tourist opportunities here in Little Falls, be sure visit the informative Little Falls website.

Little Falls - A Great Place to Shop

Little Falls has two major shopping districts: our historic Main Street business district, and the trendy boutiques of Canal Place.

Downtown Little Falls. The downtown commerce district, running along Main Street, and spilling onto Albany Street and Ann Street, serves as the major center for commerce, to include financial and professional services, in the city. Much of this area lies within the Little Falls Historic District, and visiting Main Street in particular is like stepping back in time a hundred years, to the era of the Erie Canal and the textile mills of the Mohawk Valley! If you are unfamiliar with Little Falls, you will quickly come to see how the one-way streets in the area serve to keep traffic moving quickly and efficiently, while allowing us to preserve the historic qualities of our city.

Canal Place. The quaint shops, galleries, restaurants and inns situated in the old mill buildings and storefronts along the waterfront of Canal Place have become known as the happening place for the arts in the Mohawk Valley. Not so long ago, many of these buildings were working mills serving the garment industry. Even today, after conversion to serve as retail space, many of these rugged but lovely structures speak to our great regional manufacturing heritage. If you are looking for fine arts, entertainment or antiques, you simply must pay a visit to Canal Place!

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